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Jan 27 2022

Working together to target high risk offenders (Jan 2022)

On 25 Jan the VVU attended a discussion day with partner organisations, including Essex Police, Probation, Youth Offending, Essex Council for Voluntary Services (ECVYS) and Justice and Care. The focus of the day was to develop the links as part of our work to target high risk offenders, and understand how we can work better […]

Jul 20 2021

Thurrock’s Annual Public Health Report 2019/20 – Youth Violence and Vulnerability: The Crime Paradox and a Public Health Response

Serious youth violence and gang membership, and its links to the illegal drug market and ‘county lines’, has a devastating impact on both the health and wellbeing of the young people who become involved and their wider communities. As with so many public health issues, it disproportionately impacts some individuals and communities and can exacerbate […]

Jul 08 2021

Essex Youth Offending Service: the lived experience of County Lines

Using the voices of young people and their lived experiences, the Essex Youth Offending Service (YOS) has created four dramatic, impactful, animated films on County Lines to use when training professionals. The Head of Essex Youth Offending Service, Tanya Gillett, identified there was a need for professionals across the county to gain more confidence when […]

Feb 12 2021

Essex Problem Profile

Within Essex, community violence, 88.5% of all harm caused by suspects was attributable to 10% of all suspects; these results strongly support the conclusion that a very small number of individuals account for most of the harm. We are working to understand more about these individuals – often referred to as ‘Power Few’.