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Nov 06 2023

Youth Voice conference (Oct 2023)

(write up by Essex Boys and Girls Clubs) This year’s Youth Voice Conference was held on Saturday 21 October 2023 at Writtle University College Chelmsford. More than 100 people gathered together to help continue a conversation to enable change for a better future with one question in mind, how do we keep young people safe […]

Nov 06 2023

October 2023: Essex Knife Bins

There are 16 knife bins in towns and cities across our county where you can safely deposit knives and other bladed articles. They are funded jointly by the VVU, Essex Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner and Essex Police. The knife bins are available so the public can deposit knives and other weapons safely and are […]

Oct 18 2022

October 2022: County Lines lesson plans

Following the success of our campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of County Lines, and the ways young people can become involved, we have produced three lesson plans for use in secondary school settings. The lesson plans should be used sequentially and discuss the psychology of decision making and influence, the importance of a […]

Jan 27 2022

January 2022: Tell us about knife crime

The VVU wants to understand more about the perception of knife crime in Essex and whether individuals – particularly parents – feel confident in talking to their children about the associated dangers and risks of carrying a knife or bladed weapon. We would like to understand if there are enough resources available to support parents […]

Jan 17 2022

December 2021: Our county; going country social media campaign evaluation

At the end of March 2021, the VVU ran a campaign on social media to raise awareness of County Lines drug gangs. The target audience for the campaign was young people who were possibly on the periphery of getting involved in County Lines. These young people may have seen drug deals locally, have concerns about […]

Sep 14 2021

June 2021 – Our work to tackle serious violence in Essex

While the VVU brings together partners to tackle the root causes of why people become involved in violent crime, knife crime and gangs it is important that the enforcement activity remains high profile and centre stage. Enforcement activity not only catches and punishes criminal behaviour, but it reassures and protects the Essex public, and helps […]