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Jul 11 2022

The success of detached youth work (June 2022)

We are consistently told by young people across Essex they want safe activities to participate in and safe places to meet, alongside adults they can talk to and trust. For the past 18 months we’ve worked with Essex Council of Voluntary Youth Services (ECVYS) and Active Essex to fund detached youth workers in areas of […]

Jul 20 2021

Thurrock’s Annual Public Health Report 2019/20 – Youth Violence and Vulnerability: The Crime Paradox and a Public Health Response

Serious youth violence and gang membership, and its links to the illegal drug market and ‘county lines’, has a devastating impact on both the health and wellbeing of the young people who become involved and their wider communities. As with so many public health issues, it disproportionately impacts some individuals and communities and can exacerbate […]

Jul 05 2021

Detached youth work success

In 2020 over 600 young people took part in the Violence and Vulnerability Unit’s listening project, which was to help determine future priorities and work areas for the VVU. Their feedback gave us a few main points for consideration and action: The majority of young people told us that youth violence is an issue in […]

Mar 17 2021

Being Inspired in Thurrock (Summer 2020)

Thurrock’s group mentoring project, building on V&V funded work from 2019, delivered a successful group mentoring project in summer 2020 run by mentors within the Youth and Outdoor Education Team of Inspire. (Thurrock Council Youth Service).