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Jul 11 2022

Go through the Yellow Door

Yellow Door is the name of Canvey Island’s youth project. The project can be found through a bright yellow door, in a cheerful, colourful building on Poplar Road. The youth project has been on this site since 2017 providing a range of information, support, activities, education and interventions to young people on the Island. Yellow […]

Jul 11 2022

Our new project: ReRoute (June 2022)

We are working on a new project called ReRoute.  This project works with young people who have been arrested on possession of carrying a knife but who are waiting to be charged to court. There can be a considerable amount of time between arrest and a court date; by working in this time period to […]

Jul 11 2022

The success of detached youth work (June 2022)

We are consistently told by young people across Essex they want safe activities to participate in and safe places to meet, alongside adults they can talk to and trust. For the past 18 months we’ve worked with Essex Council of Voluntary Youth Services (ECVYS) and Active Essex to fund detached youth workers in areas of […]

May 16 2022

The work of UTurn

On our travels around Essex to see the projects the VVU helps fund, we visited UTurn in Tendring. UTurn offers support and practical help for young people aged 10 – 18 years old who may be experiencing personal and socially challenging life situations as consequences of violent crime.  The project integrates sport and physical activity […]

Jan 27 2022

Targeted work in Tendring (January 2021)

As part of our targeted intervention work – where we work in identified localities to support young people, their families and communities – we are working in Tendring with the Community Safety Partnership and UTurn4Support to deliver a Wellbeing and Resilience Project to young people identified as at risk of offending. The young people are […]

Jul 05 2021

Detached youth work success

In 2020 over 600 young people took part in the Violence and Vulnerability Unit’s listening project, which was to help determine future priorities and work areas for the VVU. Their feedback gave us a few main points for consideration and action: The majority of young people told us that youth violence is an issue in […]