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On 25 Jan the VVU attended a discussion day with partner organisations, including Essex Police, Probation, Youth Offending, Essex Council for Voluntary Services (ECVYS) and Justice and Care.

The focus of the day was to develop the links as part of our work to target high risk offenders, and understand how we can work better together. By working together and sharing knowledge we can help prevent crimes happening, while protecting and safeguarding those vulnerable individuals exploited and abused for criminal gain.

Partners updated on current projects as well as participating in group discussions on information sharing and the progress of Essex Police safeguarding officers since their introduction and inclusion in Op Raptor work.

There were great opportunities to find potential ways to fill in the gaps between provision and how we can all work better together.  The focus was on intensification weeks, days of action, pre court disposals and sharing information.

There were in-depth presentations on cuckooing and working together to increase awareness of this issue. To end the session the VVU updated on our work to tackle knife crime and work with those at risk.