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We are working on a new project called ReRoute.  This project works with young people who have been arrested on possession of carrying a knife but who are waiting to be charged to court.

There can be a considerable amount of time between arrest and a court date; by working in this time period to provide the young people with support and positive interventions, we hope to prevent further offending. The young people are those who are released under investigation (RUI) or on Police Bail.

We are working with young people aged 17 to 25; by focusing on this age group we can work with those most at risk of causing harm in the community. This is also the point where services may be different due to transitions from children through to adult systems.  This focus allows us to work with partners from all agencies to ensure young people on ReRoute receive the support they need to live an offence free future and to protect potential victims.

The overall outcome is to reduce the prevalence and seriousness of drug and knife enabled crime within Essex.  The secondary goals are to achieve a change in behaviour and change in thought process around the subject of county lines, knife crime and serious youth violence.

We hope the young people having started a journey with us, will make a conscious long-term decision to live a better lifestyle, thus reducing crime and creating safer communities