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Young people have been hard at work brightening up two locations in Chelmsford with new artwork and graffiti.

Central Park underpass and Chelmer Valley nature reserve (under the bridge on the bunny walks) have been transformed by the creative skills of local young people, those who use the Central Park skate park, and a group of young people with the youth offending team.

It is proven that by bringing in local young people (who may be causing crime and anti-social behaviour) to tidy up an area, that improvements are more likely to remain and less likely to be further vandalised and graffitied. A sense of pride and ownership having been established by those who frequent the area.

Young people in Chelmsford expressed an interest in learning about graffiti art so bringing in Brave Arts, a local artist with the skills to work with the young people, meant we were able to support them in this request and in learning a new skill.

The two locations are now covered in various brightly coloured images, pictures and cartoon representations. They have been personally created by the young people entrusted with the space and given the freedom to express their individuality in a positive, permanent way.

The work was funded by the VVU, Safer Streets and Chelmsford CVS / ECC locality funding. We think it looks absolutely amazing and encourage anyone to take a look when they are next in the city.