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Meeting the High Sheriff

The VVU had the pleasure of welcoming the High Sheriff Charles Bishop and his wife Nellie to Kelvedon Park last Tuesday so they could learn more about the work of the Violence and Vulnerability Unit and our approach to tackling serious violence.

The team spoke in detail about the local projects we support, the use of research and data to help decide where interventions run, and how we evaluate the work we fund so we can understand the impact we make.

We spoke about our work in communities – empowering local organisations through targeted funding, and the communication campaign on knife harm that equips parents with the knowledge to talk to their children about the dangers of carrying a knife.

The High Sheriff was keen to hear about the V&V Partnership and how our multi-agency approach gives us greater inroads to complex issues and problems. Both Charles and Nellie were really interested in our work and asked questions and put challenges to us. It was lovely to meet them and give a greater voice to the work of the VVU.