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Westminster Knife Summit

Roger Hirst, PFCC for Essex and Chair of the Violence and Vulnerability Partnership attended a knife summit in Westminster on Thursday 18 May.

The summit was hosted by Southend MP Anna Firth, who has been actively campaigning to change the law around sales and possession of zombie knives.

Held during knife crime awareness week and attended by the policing minister, MPs, representatives from the police, and police and crime commissioners (PCCs) from across the country, the summit was to discuss the Home Office’s proposals to deal with dangerous zombie knives and machetes.

The Government is currently holding a consultation on banning the import, manufacture, sale and possession of zombie knives and machetes. This would include banning the sale of these weapons online.

Roger Hirst, PFCC for Essex, said it was clear there was “a huge amount of support” for tougher laws.  “Young people in Essex have told us very clearly that knife crime is the biggest fear they have. We owe it to them to do all we can to cut down on the number of knives in our communities, especially these large dangerous weapons that have no legitimate use.

“I welcome the government’s proposals to tighten up the legislation and give the police the powers they need to crack down on those who own, possess or manufacture these lethal weapons.”

The Home Office consultation  runs until 6 June and is open to the public and professionals with an interest in the subject matter.