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Statement on the government’s 10 year drug strategy: December 2021

Roger Hirst, Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex, speaking on behalf of the Violence and Vulnerability Partnership said: “We welcome the government announcement that tougher measures will be introduced for those who support and fuel the County Lines drug trade that exploits our vulnerable children and people.

“We welcome the recognition that we need to invest more in prevention to stop individuals becoming addicted to drugs and treatment for those who can see no future without drugs. Drug driven crime and violence is a blight on society and we must tackle it, not only by enforcement, but by intervention and prevention if we are to make progress in tackling this war that damages families, disrupts communities and harms our most vulnerable.

“Reducing drug driven violence is a priority in the Essex Police and Crime Plan and we wait with interest to read in full the government’s 10 year drug strategy to ensure our efforts in Essex complement activity at a national level.”